dream teams

I read an article in Fortune magazine about Dream Teams failing to deliver. One of the examples was US all star basketball team failing to beat Canada in Olympics. Basic problem with Dream Team is accommodating the big egos and trying to gel the team. I was thinking about the kind of team that I would like to work with. The people whom I can work with should be easy going and should be able to laugh. Even though the laughter bit sounds like a trivial thing, I have worked with people who are so uptight that I haven’t shared one joke with them throughout the project duration. It is a stifling thing to work with such guys for a long time. Work and Play need not be separate always. A vague memory of a quote I read recently goes something like this – when you cannot distinguish whether you are working or playing, you might be on to something good. Even though money and recognition are important, in my view that comes after fun. The guy working with the only objective of promotion or salary hike may not be most productive one. I may have said this before too, but once again – it is not our eastern philosophy of not expecting anything in return. I think we have to expect something in return, but that thought should enter the mind only after dealing with the task at hand with all we can give. One more comment I read somewhere recently – a question to a talent agent was, what he does do to win future clients, and his answer was - taking care of his existing clients to the best of his ability. That should sum up my thought.

I digressed a bit, but the point I wanted to make is, if the choice is entirely mine, I would work with a people who are easy going, talented (just funny is waste of time) and ethical (I have difficulty working with people who won’t give 100% at least). I sound like a girl saying, “my guy should be funny, trustworthy and rich..”

On a different note, another dream team that failed to impress is Real Madrid. Yet another dream team is going to the world cup as favorites. I feel the Brazil is almost perfect, but need to see if that becomes their nemesis. World Cup has started and I am really excited. I haven’t been able to watch a world cup to my satisfaction so far. I used to play an entire world cup tournament all by myself, in our backyard, through group stages to final when I was in school. Anyway, this is long awaited. I have been following England team for quite some time now and I will be rooting for them – even though I don’t expect them to go all the way. I have couple of favorites there – Rooney and Gerrard – couple of real brave hearts rather than just a fat purse or big ego.

June is going to be busy.

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