What are the chances of seeing this word in the book I was reading and the cloth bag in which we got groceries today? I think I come across these fantastic (to me) coincidences which I tend to view as Deja Vu often. 

I am reading "Intuition pumps and other tools for thinking" by Daniel C. Dennet. It was one of the books in my to-read list for long, was included in the list I gave to the company librarian maybe an year back. They get less budget to purchase non-technical books, so she squeezes some of these in once in a while. I found the book in the shelf in a rare library visit a week back. 

So I was reading about different images of the world or surroundings that we carry, how philosophy tries to reconcile scientific image of the world to the manifest image. From the book "an organism's Umwelt is in one sense an inner environment.. composed of only the things that most matter to it. Our manifest image is the world we live in, the world according to us.". More about this book later. If I get around to it, hope to write a summary of what I learned. 

Now the cloth bag was hanging on the sofa upside down, left there to dry after a shopping trip. I was trying to read what is written and there it is "Hallo Umwelt!". Trying to save the environment, one bag at a time.. 

നോൺ ഫിക്ഷൻ

"Chinua Achebe - Man of the People. ഫിക്ഷനോ നോൺ ഫിക്ഷനോ?" "ഫിക്ഷൻ" "നോൺ ഫിക്ഷൻ നിർത്തിയോ?" "ഇല്ല...