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It is 6 months since the "back again" post; I think about writing something very often but usually don't get around doing that. I must have covered the topic multiple times in this blog itself. It is a strange variety of problem though: - if I keep something pending for doing later, I may never do it even if it keeps paining me consistently. It is not that I forget it also; it is on my mind very often. One classic example is my Chemistry lab report during college. I missed submitting it in the first two sessions or so, then didn't feel like doing it next two times, soon it was 2-3 months and I was getting in trouble. Then one day I made up a story that we moved house and lost my lab report in the move - it was somebody else's story. I don't remember whether I convinced my professor, but somehow he allowed me to submit a new one which I painstakingly made with hours of hard labor. Anyway, there are many stories of this sort where it even meant sour relationshi…