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back again..

It has been more than 2 years since I stopped blogging. My usual update to all the friends is, "everything is just the same", but not this time. Life has completely changed. I am a father now - it feels very strange saying that because in a way I still think I am 20 and still in college. My baby girl is going to be two years old in two months or so and it has been a wonderful two years.

I never imagined it will be this much fun and I will adore her so much. I am one of the youngest in my family and haven't been around babies. So I don't have a clue how to handle them and how to play with them. I think there are two kinds of people - those who are absolutely fantastic with kids (and I envy them, it is a great gift) and those who don't seem to know the right things to say or do around kids (looks aloof, but that is not the case, I know now). My wife is one of them in the first category and I am in the second. But to my surprise, I learned quickly on the job with my …