Life has gone from a tranquil pace to a frantic frenzy within two days. It is like that F1 advertisement (or is it Toyota?) which shows a snail for half a minute and then suddenly shows a race car zooming at break-neck speed. I have to travel to UK next week and there is a mountain to move before that.

Relocating is like uprooting a plant. Back to mangalore after a long time, I almost got into the rhythm of established routines, faces and places. Sometimes I feel we are kind of gypsies, without having a permanent place to stay, moving around with bare minimum furniture to get by comfortably. It must be really getting into the nerves of our parents. They say, “but you came back only 6 months back..”. Within last 3 to 4 years, I have stayed in 6 or 7 houses ranging from 2 months and 1 year at one place.

Not that I regret going to UK. In more than one occasion, we have glanced at Thomas Cook vacation package for London. So now it gives me another occasion to see some part of the world which I have most read about. On the lighter side, now every Hindi movie is made there, so I have already seen most of it.

But this morning, I was having this kind of detached feeling about how everything goes upside down in a flash and you end up in a totally new situation. For some time my world is going to have new look, almost kind of another chapter.

Come to think of it, it was not totally unexpected also. So now it is time to move that mountain, pack up and leave.


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