morning walk

I read a quote some time back that you should go for a walk especially if you are not feeling like it. It would put you in a better mood after that. That is true.

Very less crowd today. Usual gang that plays football is there – they are dedicated. Occasional photographers here and there. Kids come here with their telephoto lens and various outfits – I guess cover photos in Facebook must be craze these days, or are they shooting for marriage profile photos or personal profiles – in any case, I see some of those every day. No one walking backwards, no Yogis (it was late for that), no couples who look for a quiet place to sit and no dancers practicing in gazebo today. The snake that crossed my path two days and the raccoon who watched me intently until I passed – they have good cover these days with heavy underbush after the rains.

This is second day of Monsoon. Sky is neat blue though. 

Heavy summer rains have brought on the greens early this time. Everything is washed clean and new sprouts everywhere.

After a round trip through the trail, I come to this steps. First time run up two steps at a time, next walk each heavy step and last drag myself up somehow to the top. 


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