Which is better? Having no competition at all or having competent antagonists? Hard, unforgiving, ruthless competition raises the level of the game. There is not much pleasure in winning hands down. Winning a hard fought battle gives much better satisfaction than playing a game knowing that whatever mistake you make, you cannot loose. A lion who reigns alone, who doesn’t have anything to fear, will become lazy and which may even lead to his downfall. The hand which works the most becomes stronger compared to the limp one which assists. Everything which is idle will catch rust – be it brain or body.

Raising the level of the game – it truly is a unique feeling. You will be surprised at your own skill – surprised at the fact that all this time, you were able to play this well, but realizes it only on the face of competition. At the end of it, you would be grateful to the opponent for offering such resistance which made you realize your potential. But at the end one should win. I think winner takes all – they are fooling themselves when they say “taking part in the game is the biggest feat, not winning it”. It is just to make sure you participate and give a morale boost when there is nothing to be proud of.


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