He is not able to comprehend the nature of their hate. He does not hear the poisonous venom they spit out behind his back. They are afraid to look in his eye, lest he will figure out the lack of intelligence in them. They say he is a heartless, ruthless materialist who knows nothing but how to make money, but not capable of spiritual enjoyment, while he is the one who is most capable of enjoying life. Competence is the only currency with which he deals with men. Spark of intelligence can light him up. He turns his face away when they start with “I think..”, “It seems to me that..”, “According to so and so..” etc.

It is a zombie world with expressionless faces - afraid to look in the eye, bored, unseeing, blank eyes. A man who stands firm on his feet, not scurrying to collect the bread crumbs dropped by somebody else, a man who lives by his own standards, his own moral code, not looking for his reflection in the eyes and words of others, is a rarity.

Reason, clarity, logic, courage – hard to find commodities in today's world. Nobody cares for anything which happens around them. A quote for the day – politics thrives on the fact that majority doesn’t care. Reality is lost in the razzle-dazzle of pretenses. Men who practice the art of deceiving others efficiently can go straight to the top – that is the highest quality. Talk without conveying any meaning, order without assuming responsibility and shift blame to next person you see when anything goes wrong. Successful man can always find somebody to blame for everything that goes wrong.

For years we have been taught that going after anything is futile because nothing lasts forever. We have been injected with antidotes for reason, hope and ambition. We have been told that pleasure experienced by body is sin, being materialistic is trivial and wanting anything is an illusion which we should guard against. We have been taught not to expect returns from any venture. We are trained to be the zombies of today's world.

Among all this, he stands tall, proud of his achievements and ability, with the weight of whole world on his shoulders.

--- An impressionable mind fed with a strong dose of “Atlas Shrugged”.


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