Just stopped working - like a machine grinding to a halt and refusing to move. It is a funny feeling, to have a mind which refuses to function, something like a small kid who is not capable of agreeing to logical reasoning. At these kind of times, a particular phrase floats up – relax like a cat. At times like this, I think I know what is meant exactly by that phrase. It must be like curled up in a couch, without moving a muscle, content and at peace with everything in the world.

So now while I am waiting till it is time for train and relaxing like a cat in office, let me take one line which caught my attention couple of days back. It is about ‘desi pros’ not having a long term career plan. I thought it may be correct. But then have I seen anybody with a plan? Should we do long term career plan and live according to it? It is fancy to say I don’t live according to any plan and I take one day at a time? But then will I be directionless in life? Forget about career plan, do I know what I want to do with life?

The article is saying that we are worried about near term goals like technology etc. Yes, I have been in the same situation. See the big picture - it is one advice given to every newbie. But then when you say see the big picture; don't be near sighted etc, are you missing out on the fun now. Long term look like a bore which you will be able to bear only if you are subjected to enough exposure and got mature. Visualize yourself as the head of the company - but do you want to head the company? When do people recognize their calling? As you read in novels, is it like a sudden realization that all this time you wanted to do something else and you are stuck somewhere else? In that case I can just wait for that realization. Human life seems pretty funny that way and the movie Matrix seems plausible irrespective of the green glitter. It is all in your head - it can conceal something from right in front of your eyes.

One question I am consistently having is have I seen anybody who knows what they want really?

On the top of my head: I would like to chill out in a calm place with most of the comforts, surrounded nice people and work for fun, not just for money. But then everything has ups and downs. I am coming back to an old line - see the positive side which actually means continue like this and don't think much.

Now I am tending to believe more and more on the quarter-life crisis.


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