Hypocrisy in workplace

just had a fight with the boss. fights with bosses are worse; it may mean getting on the wrong side of somebody who can make workplace difficult for you. but this guy. why don't i have the courage to come out in a stinging way at the right time? i remember something from "you have got mail". in that meg ryan cannot give stinging remarks at the right time at the right place. but when she does that once, she kinds of repents because of the not so good feeling after that. kind of uneasiness. i have that now. but some say that only the "crying baby will get some". many a time i thought that it is very true. but if you are on the right side, maybe it will turn out okay. sometimes it is like those old stone age days. that beast who fights to survive. corporate world is sometimes like that, i guess. not in so distant past, i used to think that everything is rosy and things happen by the book. everybody is honest, kind, sincere. the sweet talk of managers is natural. but now i think they are specially trained to talk like that. everybody is trying to survive. one way or other.
funny thing is, now we get solace in "cribbing" to comrades in similar situation. we bond with each other quite easily when we start talking about these subjects. about hypocrisy. like in politics, like in that hippo who closes eyes thinking that nobody can see him, still those smooth talks continue. most complain in private. i know some others also who did well after going public.
one trick is not to lose temper. apply the same technology back. try to smooth talk. on the other hand, being blunt is also effective. so maybe we need to balance. it is tough life, but maybe this is that "grownup" life which elders used to tell us that we will see after "growing up".
i don't seem to find right time, right place and right words so far. either goes too far and blurt out too much or be silent and repent for it later.
one colleague who later was my boss for some time told me "no boss is your friend, so however cozy you may feel at times, don't reveal more than necessary". dangerous life.


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