Searched for random ramblings in google. Hit a lot of blogs in that name. That was good. I was actually thinking about a stylish name to put up (still don’t think this is stylish enough), but couldn’t think of anything. I used to think of something too simple or too gaudy, but then I see such beautifully crafted names given by others like “Odyssey of a Princess”, “Rock my World” etc (some of them doesn’t make any sense to me - smorgasbord , electropanic, fotu etc etc). I remember seeing one blog named “waiting for a stylish name” or something like that.
Then I came up with the current one when I tabbed into the textbox for the name of the blog while creating it.
My writing style, if there is one at all, is going to be exactly that. Jumbled words which might not make some sense, might look too childish and not mature (that’s what I think of some of my thoughts, then I tell myself “mat ban, be a man!” – a line from Dil Chahta Hai previews which I liked).
So some of those search results in google talks about software too. Also words like “nerd”, “manic” etc are coming up. I will visit some of them later.


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