Specialization or Jack of all trades (Continued..)

I will probably dig deeper into why I want to specialize or master one thing. I will take Java as example. I really liked coding or doing research for java coding related issues. I had really nice experiences with java so far. But still I don’t know enough in java to confidently say that I am proficient in it. I haven’t used serialized objects, rmi’s, networking, awt, applets, swing etc. Only the other day, I read in a friend’s blog about programming using swing and how it proved to be a test for all techniques. I don’t know much about java design patterns. I have read about all this and can probably say that “it may be simple and I can do it with reading javadoc”.

At this point, maybe I will publish from one of my manager’s article. He has put it very well that I don’t want to try to put my thoughts about it in words.

“I had asked a colleague of mine whether he knows how to implement hierarchical tree in Oracle Forms. He said he had read about it, and going by that he thought it’s fairly simple and so he never tried getting hands on with it. His impression was that it’s very straight forward and he could do it in a jiffy. Well, I asked him if he could work on a demo and show me how it works. I gave the requirement. He faced the reality of difference between reading about something and actually doing it. There were numerous challenges. I agree, a simple and straight forward implementation of it would be easy but add a little bit of complexity, as we normally have in our project requirements, you are doused with lot of challenges irrespective of software, language or platform.

This is what I believe in - there is a big difference between talking about stuff and the ability to actually do it. You will get the edge only when you face the minutest intricacies of any software. You learn a great deal in the process. By doing this repeatedly, working with nitty-gritty of applications, you get required molding and technical acumen to get the "insight". We all are working with systems everyday but we are afraid to call ourselves experts even in whatever we are working with.”

To be able to say that “I know at least this perfectly and whatever maybe the requirement I can do it” is a unique feeling. It may become the one thing in life in which you can be absolutely confident.

Where do I get chances to explore the intricacies? Do I have the energy to see it to the end? Will this be a fancy which will lose its charm once you get into nitty-gritties? Will it be worth it at once you have the edge? Till what minute level should one go? How do I inspire myself to go deep into something?


  1. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple


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