Winter is still going strong and I am sort of hibernating all through it. Everything seems to be going in slow motion. I am literally playing the waiting game on many things. It is like those horoscopes predicting that it is not good until some particular time and I seem to have suspended activity until then.

By the way, second anniversary of my blog has passed and the pauses are getting longer. I sometimes feel that even my interest in blogging has changed somewhat. How long is it possible to write something interesting in a blog that is not about anything specific? After some time, like a child growing up, the thoughts become repetitive and established – there is nothing new to offer. If there is no disturbance or change – good or bad, life as well as blog may have nothing different to say. Many of the blogs that I used to read when I started this, have closed down and some of the persistent ones do not have the fresh perspective that attracted me to it in the beginning. I have become used to them and I know what to expect. Even some of the topical blogs that I read gets too thin with time, like trying to extract a little more juice out of a limp lemon. But then how long can there be change enough to make life interesting and not feel that you are aging or slowing down?

One of my colleagues was telling me the other day that everyone in his age group is now married and having kids – so every other weekend for more than one year, he is either attending a baby shower or attending a kid’s birthday party and finally it is dawning to him that he is no longer as young as he thinks he is. I think with age laziness increases, fat creeps into mind and body and we settle in for the long haul of life to take its course. That is scary along with the fact that my thirties is not very far. I am waiting for this winter to get over and hopefully there will be changes to my routines by summer.


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