Life is too short, dreams are too big, no courage to change and the result is inertia. I find dreaming more comfortable than doing something about it. Today for example, I read a piece about the coalitions in Kerala politics - it truly enraged me and they say you need passion to do something – I had all the passion at that moment. But then I thought about what I can do - maybe setup a blog, invite like minded people to collaborate, start a movement, try to open the eyes of the most literate bunch of people in India to sit up and realize that we all have something called a spine and a brain. But no, like all other mallus, I am also not going to anything about it. I can just hope that all our leaders will perish and leaders of the next generation will at least be from a different family.

Another one of my recurring dreams is of starting a company, a small one. I have this dream often while coming out of office in the afternoon for lunch. It is spring, getting greener by the minute and sunshine feels good. If I have my own company, maybe I can work in jeans and T Shirt, sitting on a park bench or somewhere, instead of sitting in a claustrophobic cubicle under artificial light all day. I even wrote down product ideas, read a book on startups, tracked small business blogs using RSS feeds, got to know of terms like ISVs, bootstrap etc. Then it remained just that – a recurring dream.

Why don't we have enough courage to take up on the dreams? I find satisfaction in blaming it on the culture of following rather than leading, laziness and multitude of similar things.


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