I have come across couple of situations in last few days where guys boast about their achievements, talents in a manner that evokes a temporary dislike like a bad taste or a sour smell. Maybe sometimes it is essential for a person to establish himself and make it known to others, if need be by telling it himself, that he is capable. Somehow it feels endearing if a person who is talented speaks about through action than by actually thrusting out his chest and bragging about it. How does it feel when a friend in a casual conversation just lets it slip that he is the indispensable to his company because he is oh-so talented? It is slightly awkward if it is in a direct conversation because I don’t know how to respond to that with a straight face and these situations are not rare. It maybe our ultimate need to feel appreciated or the times are such that without marketing no products can sell.

I had come to an agreement with the theory that ego is not a bad thing and it is self which should be satisfied first to be able to spread the joy to others. Those who do not hesitate to spell out their achievements and publicize themselves are either truly talented people confident in their ability or those who are insecure about it and find pleasure in self adoration. I hope it is possible to recognize first category because of honesty and second can be tolerated within limits.


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