weekend exploits

This weekend’s exploits

  • Watched two movies in a row on same night. Something we do once in a blue moon. Speaking of blue moon, we had the blood moon last week – came home to see it at 6:21, sky was cloudy, I lost interest and got back into work and my daughter made a picture story of stage by stage rise of moon once the clouds cleared.
  • Hey Jude – hero has Asperger’s syndrome and it is about how he finds friendship and love. Nivin Pauly did well, Trisha was underwhelming, Siddique continues his fine form. I follow this blog by someone with Asperger’s for last 10 years or so – from what I read about her life, not sure if this movie portrayed it correctly. As the recent trend goes, serious subjects like OCD, cancer etc also has to be wrapped up in comedy to make the movie successful, so there are a lot of cliched laughs. Still, a good watchable movie.
  • Aadhi – couldn’tdigest. My wife says I am more and more prejudiced. Maybe I am – a super star’s son being introduced by their own production house and few things in the movie which I consider almost blasphemous like the product placement and flaunting wealth of a real estate tycoon who looks like a drunk mafia don. Couldn’t digest. Good action sequences though. It remains to be seen if another scion makes his mark.
  • Made Kappa and Rasam. A recipe here.
  • Watched a Malayalam short film, spreading awareness about dealing with depression. Alancier is one of the good things that happened to Malayalam movies in recent times.
  • Listened to endless songs by letting Youtube recommend through its mixes - a new hobby aided by unlimited mobile data. Listened to old rock, Metallica, Eagles, No Doubt, shifted to jazz, classics, Nina Simone.
  • Flagged by traffic police for having hands free earphones, as per them any kind of contact with phone while driving is a problem. Got Rs 1000 fine reduced to Rs 100.
  • Struggling to finish Orhan Pamuk’s The Snow.
  • Read stories – re-read The Story of an Hour (supposed to have kicked off modern feminist literature), had read Kate Chopin’s The Awakening after coming across Story of an Hour. A New England Nun, A humble romance. Short story of the day and this web site has kept me company at so many places and so much time. Got introduced to Anton Chekhov here.
  • Finally reached Virginia Woolf’s A room of one’s own – blown over by the writing here. Every sentence is a work of art. Such are geniuses. 

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