I have a very peculiar behavioral problem – if I postpone something repeatedly, I may end up never doing it. I know very well about this but like with an invisible wall, I timidly knock against it, but just don’t seem to break it. Around three months back, a friend had called me during office hours when I was about to get into a meeting, I told him that I will call him back. Every weekend, I make a mental note to call him, but I put it off for later and finally I returned back from UK without calling him at all. I have minor to major activities in terms of seriousness in such hanging status – it is like going through life with a lot of frozen activities which I will probably never get back to. This blog was becoming one of those. So this post is to break the silence and get back.

Quite a lot of things happened in my life since my last post. My assignment in UK came to an end, I traveled back home, stayed there for three days and came back to US of A. It has been hectic for some time and I am not really sure whether I still complete understand what I am doing. Anyways, time in UK was great – I got to visit four countries, added quite a lot to my pile of scrap called experience and lost a lot of weight (I didn’t know that I lost this much until everyone I see here exclaims as soon as they see me). I somehow found time to read enough, travel enough, donate more money to Blockbuster and improve my knowledge about European football.

Only regret in recent times is that I couldn’t get to spend enough time at home. It is feeling more and more great to be back at home than anywhere else in the world. I got to know what the rest of the world looks and feels like which might have changed my way of looking at things back home, but just the content feeling of walking through those streets makes things clear – a sense of belonging, that’s what it is.

Anyways now I have a new home, car and changed set of routines. It always gives me a kind of funny feeling when I move to a new place, go to a new office and meet new people – a mix of apprehension and expectation. The place looks new – I always maintain that the image which registers when I first lay my eyes on some place is unique. After some time I stop noticing many details, the thing called familiarity settles in and then I can sleepwalk through it and it becomes comfortable. So now I am patiently waiting for things to get comfortable.


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