I don’t like Chelsea much – Russian billionaire’s money, boring play, don’t like the attitude.
I like Liverpool – it was the club of Owen, Gerrard and Suarez. I remember the way they won the Champions League years back, that is what makes someone follow sports. And their anthem of “You will never walk alone”.
I follow Barcelona – due to Ronaldinho, Pep Guardiola earlier, Messi, Macherano, Xavi, Iniesta.. and where Suarez is now. Also since they have close knit players who are loyal to the club for long, from youth academy days.
I don’t like Real Madrid – in spite of Zidane having played there. Too much money, greedy for quick results, no loyalty.
I root for Manchester United – due to Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Nistelrooy, Wayne Rooney. Loyalty, passion, grit maybe the other reasons.
I don’t like Manchester City – in spite of talents. Same as Real Madrid – money can’t buy results always.

I want England to win when they play – due to Owen, Gerrard, Giggs, Rooney and others. Even if they are under achievers..
I don’t like Germany though, in spite of the talent. Can’t put my finger on the reasons quite clearly, but it has to be the attitude.. I generally don’t like cocky and talented lot – even if few argue that they are entitled to it.
I follow Uruguay – due to Suarez and their fighting spirit. They feel entire world is conspiring against them and they have to fight the world to win.
I don’t like Chile – in spite of the talent of Sanchez, Vargas, Bravo. Single reason – episode of Jara abusing Cavani to get him send off and eventually beating Uruguay. That is crooked, shows the attitude.
I don’t like Italy – single reason again. Getting Zidane sent off in World Cup final after enraging him with comments on his sister. The image of Zidane walking past the trophy will always make me want Italy lose their matches.
I root for Argentina – Maradona, Riquelme, Tevez, Messi, Macherano. Maxi Rodriguez’s extra time goal in a world cup, their 26 pass goal.

I like Suarez – talent and his story. In spite of his flawed character, people like him needs second chance. They are fighting their circumstances, all the forces that want him to fail. I read that he may be feeling that people who try to take the ball away from him are denying him his life itself and he reacts.
I don’t like Christiano Ronaldo – biggest reason – arguing for Rooney (his clubmate in ManU at the time) to be sent off in a world cup match and winking after accomplishing it. Shows the attitude. Too worried about proving himself, too much of showmanship, feels like he truly doesn’t care for his team, think people are beneath him. I can watch him play, he is talented, but won’t feel sad if Portugal or Real Madrid loses.
Finally, I like Messi – genius level talent, attitude, passion. He seems to be playing for fun still, in spite of huge pressure. It felt bad when he lost the penalty. I switched off the TV when the last Chile penalty went in. Hope he comes back one more time. 


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