“Whatever happens, happens for good.” – maybe not. Whatever happens, just happens. What happens next need not compensate for it, or it may not be logically connected. It is all random. So the next event could be related or unrelated. It could be good or bad. Or most likely it could be neither. It just happens. Take a hit or enjoy the feeling and move on.

“Don’t worry about others getting rewarded while you are suffering. God is preparing something super special since you are his special friend. It is just getting delayed the preparation time is more for the special one.” – good one. Keeps you on the lookout for a bumper prize that is waiting down the road if you keep struggling through it.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel.” – make a light if you can, if you are able to muster the energy and courage, otherwise forget it.

“Winning doesn’t matter, being first is not the goal, competing is what is important” – BS. World remembers the winners only, they get all the rewards, also-rans are forgotten.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – biggest con, its author rewarded nicely for it.

Hope is the wonder drug that prolongs most lives.

PS: in a bottle half empty mood. It will be ok tomorrow, when I wake up ready to change the world, believing that grown up people can be made to change and see reason, that whatever I do makes an iota of difference to someone and my latest idea is worth a shot. 


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