Compulsive blogging – is that what I do? I just read that and felt shy to write more. Am I writing for the sake of it? Huh. Not a good feeling, don’t think too much about it now.

So I was thinking all the time I was walking from home to office. I got a house close to office – just about a kilometer. Also, Mangalore sleeps much early compared to other places I have been. Not that I have a complaint about that – many of my colleagues have. “there is no nightlife here”. I am not sure what will I do with some more nightlife.

It is much different place out there at night, after all the drama of the day is over. I was having visions about this clip I saw somewhere – or I don’t know if it is a clip conjured up by my imagination. if everything in front of you is fast forwarded and you are placed inside that for a moment, then if only you are taken out of that and now you look back into the fast forwarded life in front of you, won’t it feel funny? I think walking alone at night gives these crazy feelings, sort of detached from the world; it is amusing to think about the world which is going to embark on this road in another few hours.

It is bit odd to walk at these hours of night – shutter of last shop closing, coming down with a sharp click gives a feeling of everything closing down finally, gives a reminder that it is time to get home and settle down for the day. Just one two-wheeler passes me, the drone of which you can hear from the long distance and will be there for a long time even after it passes you. Every noise is amplified. All the noises you don’t hear in the ruffle of the day – some sweet chirping and lots of barking.

Barking – it is the worst. The distance from office to home is divided into small countries which are ruled by one dog each. They will drive you out their territory by any means – growl, frighten by sharp barks, follow you close. Some of them will walk you till the boundary of next to make sure. I could identify each one now. I am entering the zone 1; this guy will give a low growl – like a warning. Then enter zone 2 where a silent one will watch you intently – you can feel every inch on your back and legs until you pass that one. Through some zones I walk without giving one small indication that I am scared – as they say, they may be able to smell your fear (I think it was said for velociraptors). I will just check them out through the corner of my eyes – without letting them know that I am watching them. Last zone is governed by an aging warrior – he will let you pass without acknowledging.

I should really stop these walks – it is about time.


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