It is like calm after a torrential rain. Office has grown a little silent after 7pm. Now some decibels are clearer or am I listening for the first time today? There are clicks from space bars around me. Since it is the key that is hit the most, it has lost its bearings and sounds like a hollow tin. It is the sound of this place - the sound of space bar. Every factory will have its own noise, its own smell - something similar. Then somebody hits an enter key with vengeance. This new mouse has that scroll on it - it should be greased, if somebody tries to go to the end of a document using that, it makes screeching sound, sounds like using sand paper to smooth a rough surface, insistent sound in short installments. Why don't they make it noiseless? - I guess whatever I hear, is from old furniture, which will be replaced soon. Old compaq PCs replaced with new Dell and HP flat screens and noise less keyboards - then this music will reduce in tempo. Other musical instruments are those chairs. It is comfortable, all right. But some of them creak. Some of them make sound as if it is breaking. Then there is the melodious low growl of phones. If you detach yourself from these sounds, it sound like water dripping from trees onto puddles of water or tin surfaces after the rain - clicking sounds coming from all around with no sequence. Thinking about rain, it hasn't rained since I came back to Mangalore - long time. One of my favorite pastimes is to read or watch TV while it rains buckets outside with a furious wind swaying the trees. I just have to wait couple more months for that.

Coming back to the music inside the office, I don't notice this at all normally - it is sound of daily life. But after a splitting headache suppressed with pain relief tablet, a throbbing head catches these decibels more clearly.


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