P&P: Planning and Prioritization

All my carefully planned, well thought of, ingenious ideas are crumbling to tiny pieces. I prepare a weekly plan to get to know week’s objectives well in advance for me and team, prepare daily plans for me, end of day achievements, team’s daily plan and then replan in case of contingencies. I spend ½ hr everyday morning doing this planning. Then lets the team also know what the objectives are. This is on the top of sending them the detailed schedule for things to do. I review the progress regularly; have daily review sessions planned which I conduct in crunch situations. I think about improving me and my team every day. I am logging the random ideas I have, short term and long term action items, to improve on any problem I observe (which is sent to team and feels like it is going in a back hole). I conduct feedback sessions (One-to-One sessions, I call it) every two months or so. I give them feedback on what they did, what do I expect, which ones to improve, which ones to keep doing. I am not a planning freak who does not do anything but plan. I am not a perfectionist.

The biggest down side is, after all this, I spend long nights in office. By god, I am trying hard, really hard.

I don’t fret over things,
I don’t crowd people with my plans,
I give them space.
I am not doing great
At least what I think is great –
Compared to that I am not even mediocre
But I want completeness in everything I do
Have to feel that I have put my best into it
Then I feel comfortable
Nobody forces me,
I force myself,
Not to impress anybody,
But to have the satisfaction
I don’t keep at one thing
Till it is too perfect
I know when to let go
But still I end up working every hour in between meals and sleep.

I just put down this sticky in front of me:
Don’t mince words. State the actual problem. (I think that others may feel bad. But for a pro, the aim is to get it done.)
Do it thoroughly or don’t do it.
Don’t get emotional, take a moment to think.
Don’t waste time!!! (Like this)

Life is continuous improvement, introspection, questioning, and correction. But without results.


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