Weekend Plans

After a long long time, I am going to relax this weekend. I have been working like a dog for last two months. I need to set down my burden for some tim. I hope I won't have to come to office on both the days. I hope I don't even have to take any work home. Saturday there is india-Pak cricket. So have to get up early. Need to warn my wife earlier that I will be busy (idle?) the whole day, need to muster some good arguments - that I haven't seen one match completely for over four years (but I am watching almost all the highlights including matches like Zimbabwe-Bangladesh - hope she won't come up with that point), that it is the "do-or-die" for our "boys" and if I am not there in front of TV and one more prayer added in my name, it may hurt their chances. That "it is mother of all cricket battles" and try to make her interested also so we can watch together – it is one good old technique.

So I am going to relax like a cat. Need to stock up some snacks. It is not everyday an indo-pak cricket comes on a weekend. Need to get a book (to read during breaks). It will be a hot day. It will be calm, there won't be any noise (there won’t be any kids playing cricket outside our apartment and yelling like mad). Curtains will be flapping its wings from a nice breeze – somehow it gives me a feeling of serenity. It will be a perfect day if India fights and wins – there is not much thrill in winning hands down.

I already have some hurdles which might spoil all my day dreams – I was asked to do some cheerleading for our department in some function ( “team-buliding-exercises”), but I could turn it down. Now somebody is saying that only one TV channel is broadcasting the game, which is not available here. Hope it works out.

I have read an article proclaiming that Indian’s craziness for cricket is affecting their economy. That they have been fed with some thing vile which is making them imbeciles. That it is the only game where so much time is wasted. That it is a deliberate move from old colonial masters to get us addicted to this game before they left. I think there could be lots of answers to these, but I have only one explanation - I enjoy watching it thoroughly - that is the only reason we need to have for doing anything, I guess.


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